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Seed & Stone

A place to guide Canadians to discover

The Journey Within

Cannabis for The Curious

We embrace the natural wonders of BC.

Our dispensaries embrace the natural wonders of British Columbia to create a relaxing retail experience that incorporates seamlessly into our local communities. Visit our interactive displays and speak to our knowledgeable staff that are here to guide you on your journey within.

Natural wonders of BC

Find Your Journey


Our Products

All of the products at Seed & Stone are sourced from Canadian licensed producers and are approved by Health Canada to ensure the utmost in quality. Find out more about the products that we are currently selling.


Our Experience

Seed & Stone offers a welcoming backdrop to a clean and simple consumer experience focused on quality products. By actively engaging with our customers we hope to be a trusted source for knowledge and market expertise. We hope you find our retail space relaxing and welcoming.


Our Locations

Seed & Stone is a licensed retail dispensary with locations across British Columbia. The first of many locations is in Chilliwack, B.C., and is now open 7 days a week 9am-11pm. Find out more about our locations and where you can find us in the future.

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With Seed & Stone

You Get A Natural Elevation

You will have a visceral experience of this inner light within you. You invoke a vision that’s infinite beyond limitations. The vision starts to spread itself. Explore The Journey Within at Seed & Stone and experience it for yourself.

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