About Us

A place to guide Canadians to discover… The Journey Within

Seed & Stone is all about showing gratitude for the simpler things in life and appreciating life’s journey. We seek to redefine the cannabis retail experience by offering a unique and inviting take on wellness and a return to nature.

Embracing these core concepts allows Seed & Stone to establish trust and a deeper connection to our customers, community, and their values.

offering a unique and inviting take on wellness & a return to nature

Retail Space

We have created a comfortable retail space where customers can explore their journey and discover endless possibilities. Our high-quality cannabis products have been carefully curated to support a wide range of recreational and wellness activities.

Mutual Gratitude

We encourage our customers to discover The Journey Within, and by doing so, we hope to develop mutual gratitude throughout our journey together, from seed to stone.

Ultimate Design

Our Mission

Our mission at Seed & Stone is to provide our customers with an exceptional cannabis retail experience that speaks to local sensibilities. Through community engagement, we are committed to creating a safe and convenient place to interact with cannabis products.

The Team

Our team consists of passionate people that constantly strive to do their best.


Vikram Sachdeva

As the Founder of Seed & Stone, Vikram Sachdeva is the acting President of the retail cannabis organization. He has served for over 20 years as Director of Business Development and Customer Relations for Subway restaurants and BC Liquor Distribution Branch respectively. Vikram is currently the owner and operator of several Subway franchises throughout the province. He is an established business owner and has been deeply rooted to the Chilliwack, B.C. community for many years. Vikram is actively involved with community initiatives where his businesses operate in, and he is committed to having a positive impact on these communities. With multiple investments in the region, Vikram has laid the roadmap for continued success of the retail cannabis market across British Columbia.



With over 20 years of Project Management experience for various professional service organizations, Chris Grzywacz provides exceptional leadership as the Development Agent for Seed & Stone. His proven track record for retail implementation will help innovate the cannabis shopping experience for customers and create a comprehensive management, planning and support service to all staff. He can motivate and coordinate the necessary stakeholders to make Seed & Stone a success. Ensuring that projects go from inception to completion is his primary focus. By building value in this rapidly growing industry, Chris has become a foundational cornerstone of Seed & Stone.

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